Advanced Search

Advanced search will allow you to query the entire database of stories and comments to find what your looking for.  When conducting a query, at least one field must be selected. The query fields are:

Field Required Description
Key Words No These are the key works you wish to search for, an example would be "Free" or "Fun" (without the quotes)
From the drop-down menu, you can select if search results should contain the exact phrase (exactly as you entered it), all of the words, or any of the words.
Date No Date range to search on.  Enter the start date and end date for your search
Topic No Select the topic you wish to search on from the drop down list
Type No Select the type of the search.  Your options are "All", which searches through all the searchable content of the site, or you can restrict your search to only one of "Stories", "Comments" as well as one of the installed plugins (e.g. "Static Pages").
Author No Select the author you wish to search on

Last Updated: July 9, 2008